Who is Dream Folk?

Dream Folk is a small Australian software company specialising in the development of modern web based applications.

We believe in using agile software development practices in order to ensure that we deliver what users actually want, rather than delivering a bunch of features that we think they might want.

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About this website

Despite what many people might think, software development is an exciting and creative activity. We enjoy creating great software and we enjoy having some fun creating websites that we think people will find engaging. We don’t think that just because we’re a software company, we should have a starchy, formal website to match. We ain’t a formal company, and life is too short to not be enjoying ourselves. As someone once said:

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans

John Lennon




Dream Folk are currently focused on the development of the 2wayfitness.com.com site.

2-Way’s unique personal fitness training service provides clients with one-on-one access to a professional fitness trainer who monitors their progress, provides professional advice, and helps them to set and achieve their fitness goals.


Hello Dream Folk

Dream Folk Pty Ltd was born today. A very exciting time for us.